The misconceptions about freelancing, like Wow, People didn’t even let off this topic from their judging list. People always have to judge every single thing in this world. I don’t get one thing; don’t these people get tired of sick of judging everything on earth?

Now days nearly every age of people are doing online outsourcing. Not only people even many companies and entrepreneurs are getting chances to build their business more creatively. And now there are more job opportunities than ever. People can earn money easily by doing outsourcing. Business companies now do their work very efficiently.

Everything has a good and a bad side, exactly the same thing is happening with online outsourcing. Whenever people hear the word “outsourcing” they get a negative thought about it. And these thoughts are the main misconceptions about Freelancing. So today I will discuss major misconceptions of freelance outsourcing. Here are the major misconceptions about outsourcing below, I figure out.

The Main Misconceptions about Freelancing

misconceptions about online outsourcing

1: “Investment is needed to be a Freelancer”

This is the most irrelevant reason people give. You don’t even need money to become a freelancer. All you need to learn is how to do freelancing. There are lots of freelancing job regarding Search Engine optimization (SEO), Web site design and Development, Freelancing Writing, Graphic Design, Software design and Development, Data Science, Android Development etc..

To start online outsourcing, you have to learn any specific work. You may learn any kind of online outsourcing related work from YouTube Video Tutorial, different tutorial sites, Various Blog Post, Forum sites or from any outsourcing training institute. You may ask should I invest money to be a Freelancer. The right and clear answer is “NO”. You can start freelancing without any invest.

Wish, now the matter is clear to you that there is need to invest to start freelancing. May be you have some other Misconceptions about Freelancing, Right? Okay, you will get all your answers, just keep reading!

2: “They say outsourcers provide low quality work”

Another Misconceptions about Freelancing is some people think that outsourcers provide low quality work. This is more likely a false accusation rather than a misconception, let me clear this for you all. It’s not the freelancers who provide the low quality work.

There is every category of work low, medium, high quality. There are new comers and experienced freelancer who provides you the work. And the clients those who claim to low quality work, they tend to forget what had come to choose for, which quality work.

There are options for every quality work. The clients come across so many types of work while choosing that they get confused. And their biggest mistake is they pick the cheapest price of work which eventually turns out to be low quality and end up blaming. They had to be sensible while choosing. The companies obviously want a costing freelancer so that their company has some profit and there are no extra expenses.

3: “Being from different Culture”

Culture is not a big not a big deal if you think as an online marketing analyzer. If you have hired freelancers who are not as same as your culture, so you and your hired freelancer’s festivals won’t match. Like Christmas, your freelancer may not celebrate Christmas so it is a kind of advantage for you. Nobody likes to work on charismas those who celebrate it.

As your freelancer doesn’t celebrate Christmas, they will work for you without thinking twice. If you have a website and had worked hard for ranking it at the top and because of Christmas weekend your website ranks get lower its bad for business. So if your freelancer is not as same as your culture it is your advantage. Your freelancer will work on your website and maintain your websites rank.

4: “English has to be your first language”

“English has to be your first language” this the important misconceptions about freelancing. The condition is not written anywhere. It can be your second language too. All you need is to know English. You just have to know the basic things of English. And there are many people who don’t even know English but still, they are doing outsourcing. Yes, it’s true that the business companies who hire the freelancer are mostly from the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

They want freelancers with fluent English who can communicate easily with the company’s client. These companies have the advantage if your second language is English. They can make you work for writing their marketing material, web page update, mobile and app development, data entry and updating content. And you will be highly paid for this work.

5: “Time difference matters”

This excuse is the worst one I think. I think it is the best thing. If your freelancer has a great time difference with you, it’s your benefit for your online page or website. During your off time, your hired freelancer is working for you on your off time. And this will help your online page stay active 24 hours and get more traffic. Dig down for more important things!!

6: “Communications cannot be done properly”

In this 21st century where distance doesn’t matters and everything is with us within just a simple click, so this communications problem is not a factor at all. Now are always connected to each other, so to stay connected with your freelancer or companies or outsourcing agencies is not a matter. Among the whole world everyone uses the Internet can you can contact with anyone from anywhere at any time.

So exactly the same way, the companies can always communicate with their hired freelancers anytime. There are many apps with which these companies can communicate example: Google Hangouts, Skype, and Facetime. Using these apps you can always work together and inform and give your freelancer a feedback.

7: “Fraud companies do online outsourcing”

No, not every company is fraud. In the market, there is both good and bad company. All you need is to preside while confirming an application that is sent by the company. And after working and becoming experienced being a freelancer it will become easy for you to choose the right company. When you start to work with one company over and over again slowly a trust starts to build up and you feel safe working theirs without getting fraud.

8: “Outsourcing is time-consuming and expensive for the companies”

Outsourcing isn’t expensive for the companies. The companies hired these freelancers from the outsourcing agency so that the companies work can be done at a low-cost rate. So the companies monthly and yearly expenses become less. And they stay profitable throughout the years. It is not at all time consuming if the freelancer is punctual and knows the value of time.

9: “Only highly competitive and large companies hire freelancers”

No, the large companies are not the only one who hires freelancers from the outsourcing agencies. The small companies also hire freelancers. Maybe the small companies are more strong but not competitive like the other companies. The small companies were big at a time also, they may have gone through a crisis or just shorten their business by focusing on something else.

So there is nothing to worry about if you see any small company is hiring you. All you have to be sure is the company genuine or not. Which is simple just by searching up about them on Google. And research about their past and reviews.

10: “Outsourcing is making people lose jobs”

Another big misconceptions about freelancing is online outsourcing making peoples lose job. Okay, let me tell you people is not losing their jobs. In other ways, people are getting hired as freelancers. Maybe the payment of the workers in the company gets lows but they aren’t losing jobs. This is because the outsourcing agencies are providing the companies with low price freelancers with good quality of work. This is why the workers of the company get a bit low paid.

11: “The contract between the company and freelancer doesn’t matter”

In every business, contracts are very important no matter what the deal is. There should always be a contract between you and your freelancer. So in future when your work is done by the freelancers and demands anything extra which is not in the contract, you will have an evidence to fight back for it. And claim yourself right that your freelancer’s this demand is not in the contract.

The contract should include the payment money, the due date of the work and all the other necessary things so that there is no misunderstanding between you both. And having this contract you won’t come across with any ruthless chaos with your freelancer.

12: “Freelancers aren’t aware of loss of the company”

This not true that the freelancers don’t know that the company will have to come across if the work is not done at the given time. If the freelancers don’t complete the work in the given time it is a risk for both the company and the freelancers themselves. The company won’t be able to provide the work to its client and won’t give money and the freelancer won’t also get its payment.

In other ways, it will become a bad review for the freelancer and won’t get any work in future and the account of the freelancer might also get banned for this.

13: “A fixed age is needed to do online outsourcing”

No certain age is needed to work. The outsourcing agency won’t come and search up your bio data and ask you your age, not even the company which is hiring you. So it is easy for every age of people to work which I have told you earlier in this article. All that is needed is how to work and be honest. To know more misconceptions about Freelancing and what I think and say keep GOING DOWN!!

14: “Work and work all the time”

What are this work and work all time?? This is another baseless thought people have. You don’t need to work the whole time. And this is the best thing of becoming a freelancer, where you can work whenever you want from any part of the world. There is no specific time to work or any pressure of work just complete your work by the time given from the company or client that has hired you.


These aren’t the only misconceptions about Freelancing people have, there are much more. So being a new freelancer I would say in every work there are some good and bad it’s up to you what you choose. All you need to do is work a little hard no matter what work you are doing whether it is freelancing or any other occupations. You just need to be Honest and know the Value of Time.

If you clear about these common misconceptions regarding outsourcing and want to start your freelancing journey, these Freelancing Tips may help you very well.

You may think there are other Misconceptions about Freelancing, which I have leave in my post. Please share the misconception about freelancing from your viewpoint in the comment box of the post.

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