Do you know why we love outsourcing career for women in Bangladesh?

Are you interested to know freelance outsourcing career for women in Bangladesh?

Then stay with me. Let me introduce myself first. I am a Bangladeshi woman and proud to be a Bangladeshi. It is an interesting fact is that I am a freelancer too.

We all know Bangladesh is overpopulated country. More than half of the total population is woman. Now-a-days women career in freelancing in Bangladesh is so bright and potential.

The opportunities of outsourcing career for women in Bangladesh:

Freelancing Career for Women in Bangladesh

If you look a few years back it is quite impossible to make women career in outsourcing in Bangladesh. But now lots of opportunity is knocking at your door.

Our government has created outsourcing training opportunity in Bangladesh, totally free for everyone with a project called “Learning and Earning”. The free outsourcing training project provides professional freelancing training in Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing in all over the country.

You also can join in the “Learning and Earning” project to learn online outsourcing if you have to pass minimum HSC. The workshop is about 50 days for 200 hours.

Besides this, there are lots of outsourcing training center in Bangladesh. If you live in Dhaka you can take training from Advance IT BD. Its time schedule is friendly for anyone and trainer is highly skilled and experienced.

BASIS gives every year 3 awards specially outsourcing career for women in Bangladesh. In the year 2013 Nusrat Jahan, in 2014 Sultana Parvin and in 2015 Moumita Mishkat is the award winning female freelancers in Bangladesh by BASIS. Read more about story of outsourcing of Bangladeshi women from here.

The situations of outsourcing career for women in Bangladesh:

Technology makes our life easy, comfortable and fast. From blessings of science we can now think of our career. We can be self-independent.

According to a report of A.T. Kearney in 2014, Bangladesh was the third largest country for freelancers in Upwork. There are 650,000 registered freelancers from Bangladesh in Upwork (former oDesk). In one year they earned almost $21 million.

In a statistics shows that currently in online marketplace is dominated by 58% of woman and it is increasing day by day. ICT state minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak said that a woman earns near about $2 more than a man in Bangladesh.

A success story of a woman freelancer in Bangladesh

Sultana Pervin is a quick raised woman who didn’t know much about computer until 2012. She was a housewife almost 20 years. But she wanted to make her career. But it was quite impossible, because her family moved quickly from one place to another for her husband’s military job.

She read in a newspaper about freelancing IT jobs. Then she takes a course from nearby training center. After that she creates her profile in Upwork. 12 days later she got her first job and paid $5. One year back, Sultana Parvin earned almost $6,000.

Now she is a successful freelancer and makes her career in Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr etc. She won the BASIS “Outsourcing Award 2014” as the best female freelancer in Bangladesh.

She has done more than 200 jobs successfully via outsourcing. These are-creative article writing, book review, blog content, product description, web research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (On-Page & Off-Page optimization) and many more. You can read more about IT Freelancing Grows in Bangladesh by clicking HERE.

Basic needs for career in outsourcing:

If you are interested to make your career in outsourcing, the basic necessary things are

  • A computer or a laptop in your house.
  • An internet connection in it.
  • Have to know the basic use of computer and Internet
  • A short training about outsourcing or proper skills on particular work related to outsourcing.
  • An Online bank account or online payment getaway, like MasterCard, Paypal, Skrill etc.
  • Skills in English Language (Minimum Moderate Level).

Bindings of freelancing in Bangladesh:

Though there are lots of benefits and facilities in freelancing in Bangladesh now-a-days. There are few problems also we have to face.

  • Wrong idea about outsourcing career for women in Bangladesh.
  • Lack of proper knowledge about freelancing.
  • Limitations of online payment services in Bangladesh.
  • Slow internet speed.
  • Load shedding.
  • Limitations of perfect guide-line.
  • Enough lack of promotion and expansion.

The benefits of freelance outsourcing career for women in Bangladesh:

If you can make your career in freelancing as a woman, you can get lots of benefits from it. Here are some important benefits are given below-

  • You can work from your home.
  • Easily You can take care of your kids and family member.
  • You have the choice to work.
  • You can get flexible time for work.
  • It will create an opportunity to be self-independent.
  • You can prove yourself as a skilled person.
  • You can make your career as a well-known person by sitting at home.
  • There will be option for You to choose short term or long term job.
  • There are no bindings for your vacation.
  • No tension for traffic jam or road safety.

There are few effective outsourcing tips for beginners to be success in online outsourcing profession.

Top paid women in freelancing in Bangladesh:

Lots of women in Bangladesh are performing well in freelancing. They prove themselves as a perfect freelancer by their intelligence, creativity, honesty and hard work. So they paid more from others. Here is a list of some top paid women freelancer in Bangladesh

  • Naznin A. – She works in Upwork from Sherpur. She is a Professional WordPress and MVC Developer. She is also UI Responsive Web Designer. Her hourly rate is $44.44.
  • Sabrina P. – She works in Upwork. She is from Bogra. She is a Professional Transcription Service provider. Her hourly rate is $33.
  • Sadia L. – She works in Upwork. She is from Dhaka. She is a Translator, Editor, Writer and Data Entry Operator. Her hourly rate is $20.
  • Rehana Akter– She works in Upwork. She is from Chittagong. She is a Blogger and Article Writer. Her hourly rate is $17.78.
  • Nazma Parvin– She works in Upwork. She is from Mymensing. She is an Experienced Graphic, Logo, Brand Identity and Web Her hourly rate is $16.67.

Source: Upwork

Now-a-days the popularity of freelancing outsourcing career for women in Bangladesh is increasing day by day, because, from every stages of life and place any girl or woman can join in this area. There are no bindings for freelancing .Your age, physical fitness, highly educational background or place of work is not the fact. You have to know the job that you have to finish. You have to know English and proper skills for your preferable job.

In freelancing you can choose long term or short term job. You can earn up to $9-$40 per hour. The more you skilled and experienced for the job you will be paid more. The buyer will not see who you are but your work. That’s why I love outsourcing career for women in Bangladesh.


If you didn’t join in freelancing yet, it’s could be too late. Take some training or gather proper skills on your preferable topic and join in online outsourcing. After joining in outsourcing you can earn money by yourself. In this way you can be self-independent and make your career. It will decrease your mental stress and increase your confident. And I am definitely sure you will love outsourcing career as a woman.

Though there are some barriers of outsourcing but if we can overcome our bindings about freelancing outsourcing career for women in Bangladesh it will be more enriched and profitable. Hope for the best.

You may have any more cause or points why you Love Outsourcing Career for Women in Bangladesh, you can share your ideas by post a comment below the post. I am waiting to know about your idea.

Author: Sharmin Laila

Freelance Writer at Upwork & Fiverr