Youth Education and Freelancing in Bangladesh is the hot topic in present tine in Bangladesh. The overall condition of youth education in Bangladesh is not that satisfactory. The educational system of Bangladesh has many limitations. One of the limitations is that it does not assure a job.

Every year, thousands of students are completing their formal education. But very few of them get a satisfactory job. Thus unemployment has become a major problem in this country. To get rid of the curse of unemployment online outsourcing or freelancing in Bangladesh can be a great alternative.

You do not need to harness your dream if you are thinking of freelancing as a career. Even you do not need to fight the battle of traditional or local job market. What you need is the desired skill. If you are skilled in any of the fields that can be outsourced you do not need to think traditionally. Rather a great future of you waits in freelancing in Bangladesh.

Why Youth Education and Freelancing in Bangladesh important to us:

To get a job in traditional way mean a lot of harassment and efforts. The job market here is limited. True to say, there are a good number of unemployed educated people who are ready to bribe five lac in order to get a job that offers a salary of five thousand taka only.

Just think, what will happen if the same person is offered a job that offers a salary of twenty thousand taka per month. Won’t that be more satisfactory to him if he can earn that amount of money, working from home or online? Yeah it is possible by freelancing in Bangladesh. From this point of view youth education and freelancing in Bangladesh is very important to remove or reduce unemployed in Bangladesh.


If you are skilled and have a good command over English as a medium of communication, you can secure your online career in different marketplaces. Getting jobs at Upwork, PPH, Elance, Freelancer or any other marketplace is nothing tough.

Along with your desired skill, you need to know how these marketplaces work. And making a proper understanding of these marketplaces takes a good amount of time and a great effort. To create the proper skill on freelancing in Bangladesh Advance IT providing best Outsourcing Training in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Freelance Outsourcing in Bangladesh:

Online earning from Bangladesh is no more a dream now a day. The baby named Outsourcing started walking a few years back in this country and it is now in its’ youth. Payment methods have been easier. Internet speed has got a new generation and learning materials have been enriched. You just need a strong will power to ensure your career in this field.

Opportunities of online earning in Bangladesh have also been strengthened by the support of the government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Besides, many private firms are providing a lot of supports in order to establish the outsourcing and freelancing industry.

A good number of skill development and outsourcing training center have been established in last few years. Not only in city areas. Freelancing has come as a popular online earning method in rural and remote areas as well.

Starting an online outsourcing career does not need much investment. The primary investment is a computer and an internet connection. So outsourcing and freelancing profession can be a very powerful weapon to fight against unemployment in countries like Bangladesh. A proper blend of youth education and freelancing in Bangladesh may present a financially solvent and happy nation in near future.