Now a day, freelance job VS Full time job becomes a controversy among the world. A regular salary based working people prefer their profession for jobs and money security. On the other hand, according to the freelancing contractors, they desire to enjoy their limitless earning from various projects.

In this case, both of them are right in their own position of the mind. In this article, the reader will get a clear conception about pros and cons of “freelance job VS full time job”. Also, this article will reveal the effective information that the people will understand the differences between freelancing job VS regular jobs.

The following information will be helpful for the readers to know 10 important facts about ‘Freelancing jobs Vs Regular Fixed salary Based Jobs’.

Freelance Job Vs Full Time Job:

Here is the the most 10 important facts about freelance job vs full time job is below:

# NO-1: Time Management in “Freelance job Vs Full time Jobs”:

In regular full-time salary based job, the working hour is 9 am to 5 pm. This time is highly restricted for all the employees. The working people have to follow this schedule strictly to get salaries, at the end of the month. They are not allowed to go outside without official works, during this office hour.

Working time of Freelance Vs Full time Salary Job

In freelancing jobs, any fix time limitation is not maintained by the freelancers. The theory of the online contractor is “Work more and earn more”. They can work anytime and anywhere within 24 hours of a day.

# NO-2: Working Category in ‘Freelance job Vs Full time Job’:

In freelancing jobs, you are the boss of your company and you are working only for promoting your business career. You will have less scope to discuss your working efficiency to the others. Every time, you need to develop your skills from your own quality and accountability.

On the other hand, regular job holding people are working under a company and they are working to promote other’s company. As they work with a team, they are lucky enough to discuss their working abilities with others and are eligible to earn their skills automatically from the team members.

# No-3: Differences between responsibilities on “Freelance job Vs Full time job” 

In online freelancing jobs, you will have the full responsibility to manage your works and will impress your clients. You have fewer options to depend on others for getting the flexibility of your works. Every time, you have to show your skills to the clients to get jobs.

In a full-time regular job, your company is liable for hiring projects and your boss will try hard to impress clients for getting working assignments. You and your whole office members will work together to complete projects.

# No-4: Number of Projects in “Freelance job Vs Full time Job’: 

In freelancing jobs, a contractor, whether a group or individual contractor can take limitless projects. If he/she is able to manage their working assignments, accordingly. As these freelancers work with multiple clients and various projects, they earn a huge profit than a regular fix salary job’s person.

As the regular working people need to follow strictly their office hour, they earn with a limited source. They only depend on their office projects within a time limit. As a result, they are unable to think of a huge earning from various projects.

# No-5: Communication Skills for Freelance Vs Full-time Salary Job:

In online freelancing jobs, you will be hired by various companies for completing the projects successfully. In this case, you need to show your interpersonal skills among these companies and each contacted person is your boss.

Communication Skills for Freelance Job Vs Full Time Job

At this time, you should be very specific to your work and will need to fulfill all the requirements of your each client. Therefore, you should be highly eligible for online communication with the clients. At video calls and oral interviews, you will need to impress your clients, while communication.

In a contrary, the full-time job requires face to face communication and interviews. In this case, you will also show your interpersonal skills in board meetings, office meetings with clients, interviews and other communication purposes.

# No-6: Working Motivation on ‘Online Job Vs Regular Full-time Job:

While working with a single company, a person will be motivated through structures ways. His/ her working performance will be assessed at the end of the year, in regular fixed salary jobs. He or she will get rewards from achieving bonus and even promotion. If the people work with a lack of efficiency, he/she will receive no rewards by assessing working potentiality. Therefore, motivation comes automatically in full-time regular jobs.

On the other hand, in freelancing job, you need to motivate by your own self.  You need to enrich your own working skills to get more projects and client’s satisfaction. Nobody is here to fire you from the job, but you need to maintain your deadline for project submission.  In freelancing job, it is only your highest priority to get yourself motivated from earnings and your own business promotion.

# No-7: Job Confirmation and Security in Freelance job Vs Fix Salary Job: 

In a regular full-time job, the people feel relaxed about getting a fixed monthly paycheck, at the end of the month. Their job is secured by its total payment. They dare to expend money and to fulfill monthly requirements within budget. Even, if an employee is fired, the company will provide him a notice for a little compensation.

If we look at the features of freelancing jobs, we will see an opposite scenario of jobs’ secureness. The income of freelancing job is unpredictable. You can earn a huge profit if you deal with various projects. Nevertheless, if you are unable to work with multiple projects, your earning will not satisfy your notaries.

# No-8: An Opportunity to Extra Savings between Freelancing Job Vs Fulltime Regular Jobs:

Fixed Earning Of Community in Freelance Job Vs Full Time Job

As freelancing job includes various opportunities to earn more in a month, a freelancer can easily save extra pennies from his/her limitless earning. In this case, he/she dares to expend more pennies on shopping, traveling and online buying.

On the Other hand, a regular working people have to satisfy with his/her fixed earning. The scope of saving extra money is higher on freelancing jobs than a fixed salary job.

# No-9: The secret of Success in Freelance job vs full time job:

As the freelances get limitless time for working, they reach their business at the top level, quickly. They spend more time to enhance their working skills and work with multiple projects, at a time. Therefore, they get the highest chance to develop their business within few months. If you involved with freelancing or Online outsourcing, these quick tips about freelancing can be helpful for you. On the other hand, In a contrary, a regular fixed salary job people need more time to run on their career, successfully.

# No-10: Chances for earnings, at the beginning of showing skills in Freelance job Vs Regular Job: 

At the beginning of your freelancing career, you will have enough chance to show your skills from building your working portfolio. If you are able to show your skills from working samples and portfolios, you will be sure of your high business profit.

But, in fulltime regular jobs, you will have less scope to show your skills, at the starting point. In this case, you will need to wait for proving your efficiency to your boss for a huge earning, after ending your provisional period.

Advantage and Disadvantage between Freelance job Vs Full time job:

Working Flexibility in Jobs:

In freelancing jobs, you will have a lot of flexibility for fixing your working hours, rather following a 9 am to the 5 pm schedule of regular full-time jobs.

Involvement in office politics in Freelance job Vs Full time job:

In freelancing jobs, you are far away from in office politics in your working area. But, in regular fixed salary jobs, you have to face office politics, during working.

Multiple Benefits:

A regular full-time job includes various benefits, like- health insurance, and provident fund after retirement and other payment policy on vacation. On the other hand, a freelancer thinks never these kinds of benefits from their clients.

Predictable or Unpredictable Earning:

The freelances face problems from his company, like unpredictable income, less scope of community, and limited source to motivate from other sides. The full-time job holders enjoy their fixed income for spending money within budget. They work all the time within a community.

Job Security:

A regular fixed salary job is more secure than a freelancing job. A minor payment is offered, even the person is fired from the job.

Working Community in Freelance job Vs full time job:

Community in Freelance Job Vs Full Time Job

In freelancing job, you are working alone in your home. You are lack of a social group and community. In this case, the full-time job holders are lucky enough then the freelancers.

The role of both jobs in real life:

The full-time working people always wait for a fixed paycheck, but the self-oriented freelancers wait for a huge transition from various clients.

If you find any other important fact regarding Freelance Job Vs Full Time Job, please share this us by commenting below the article.

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