Online Outsourcing in Bangladesh is not quite understood, but proper understanding can change the scenario of unemployment in the country. Lack of information basically is the root obstacle to understand online outsourcing in Bangladesh. Outsourcing as a career has become one of the most popular choices at present.

The world is literally in your fist that can be operated only with a computer device. Businesses are rigorously depending upon Internet, for Internet crawled not only into our homes but also into every spheres of life. It is easily possible to maintain a business from anywhere in the world. Mass people from Bangladesh are not really acquainted with the fact yet and that becomes the greatest obstacle of outsourcing in Bangladesh.

Few Obstacles of Online Outsourcing in Bangladesh:

In present circumstances outsourcing has not yet become an alternative for traditional jobs in Bangladesh. Jobs offer certain securities, as well as, facilities to the employees. Bangladeshi tradition is still dependent upon businesses and jobs offered in the real world, not in virtual worlds. Because of the lack of information people are afraid to take outsourcing as their permanent source of income. They look for security in it but their lack of knowledge fail to find it. A few obstacles of online outsourcing in Bangladesh are mentioned below:

Lack of utilize Internet:

Bangladesh government is frequently taking initiatives to spread internet to the farther corners of the country and to digitalize the systems running all through, but mass people of Bangladesh are not properly trained to use the facility which impedes the massive opportunity of diminishing the employment problem in Bangladesh.

The people from rural areas of Bangladesh are entirely dependent upon agriculture. They do not know to utilize internet in their fields of work. It is really a tough job to educate 170 million people in an instance. It takes a period of organized time which is not impossible but a hard nut to crack.

online outsourcing in bangladesh

Online outsourcing is totally internet based work. Internet speed in Bangladesh is very poor and the price also not bearable to everyone. For the poor internet speed freelancer face some problem like, cannot communicate with client properly, cannot done work in time, freelancer cannot submit their work in time to client, which is one of the big obstacle for online outsourcing in Bangladesh.

Internet is still treated as a matter of entertainment in Bangladesh but at present internet has become a part and parcel to the world. Everything is possible here. Many people of Bangladesh are not aware about this truth. Even in the urban areas of Bangladesh this kind of awareness is not seen thoroughly.

Government should take early and strict steps to increase Internet speed and make it cheap to everyone. Should create public awareness to utilize Internet properly, so that they can create virtual workplace for theme-self to be self-dependent, by make money online in Bangladesh from home and ensure financial solvency.

Educational System:

Educational system of Bangladesh is not so suitable and update for online outsourcing. Universities, colleges and schools of Bangladesh are not yet concerned of trained the students in the field of outsourcing, for many of them do not even heard the word. This is really a big Obstacle of online Outsourcing in Bangladesh. But the time has come to inspire this sector to prevent growing unemployment. Information on outsourcing in Bangladesh should be provided from all the educational institutions.

All educational institutions of Bangladesh should teach students about online outsourcing in Bangladesh. Knowledge of outsourcing will very helpful to remove unemployment problem in Bangladesh. Online outsourcing can make a person self-dependent; can ensure financial solvency and freedom workplace.

Lack of proper skill of Freelancing works:

Freelancing always need some skill to do better online outsourcing job. There are a lot of people, who don’t have proper and needed skill but want to do freelancing from Bangladesh at international market. Even many beginner freelancer starts working with lack of proper skill of freelancing. As a result they face a ton of problems when they start working at online outsourcing market.

After that, they get very bad feedback from client and some time fall down from outsourcing market, which is very harmful for him-self as well as our country. So, lack of proper skill & knowledge of Freelancing work is one of the noteworthy obstacles of online Outsourcing in Bangladesh. Without proper skilled and Knowledge, it is quite impossible to be success in online earning from Bangladesh.

We should keep in our mind that, without having proper and necessary skill & knowledge, it is quite impossible to be success at outsourcing profession. To get the right guideline, necessary skill & knowledge on freelancing and international online marketplace, you can get help from skilled person. An experienced freelancer can show the right path of freelancing.

Outsourcing training can help you in this regard. There are many outsourcing training center in Dhaka Bangladesh, but you should choose best outsourcing training institute, who really provide best outsourcing training in Dhaka, Bangladesh to make successful freelancer from Bangladesh for international online market.

Poor English:

Online Outsourcing marketplace is an international online job market, where English is the major and only language to communicate with client. Majority people of Bangladesh are weak in English. As a result they cannot communicate with clients properly. Poor English always hamper freelancing works in International outsourcing marketplace. For the reason many freelancer cannot done better work there. Even after having proper experience and skill about online outsourcing works, many freelancers our country unable to build their career in this market as successful freelancer of Bangladesh.

So, to be success at outsourcing as professional freelancer, one must have to know good English, and always try to develop English skill for the better opportunity.

Common Obstacles of online Outsourcing in Bangladesh:

Outsourcing in Bangladesh can be a very prosperous sector, such a tremendous truth not known to the people yet. In this wonderful era of information technology it is an irony. Lack of understanding, technical difficulties, lack of public awareness and education, proper outsourcing training opportunity to all, feasible initiatives are some impediments that bars the great opportunity of outsourcing in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is failing to keep pace with modern technology and becoming left behind. As a third world country Bangladesh has no choice. Information is the only lacking that has flourished in various forms and personas in the corners of Bangladesh.

Though there are some Obstacles of online Outsourcing in Bangladesh, but it has a glorious Probability in international outsourcing market. We just need to find out those problems and have to solve them. If we are able to overcome those obstacles of online Outsourcing mentioned above, we can ensure a great career at online Outsourcing in Bangladesh.