Do you want your target readers to view the articles and content you write and then publish? If yes, then you must know How to Write Killer SEO Friendly article.

Here is the killer guideline to help you in this regard.

What is SEO?

Before you start to write SEO friendly article, you must know what SEO means. The term is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It means to produce a content that search engines, like Google and Bing show at their first page, when users search about the related topic on Internet. In order to show any article’s link from website in first page, search engines evaluate it on certain standards. This is the reason why writer should learn how to write SEO optimized articles.

How to write SEO friendly article or content for a website?

When you begin to write SEO friendly articles, then keep in mind attributes that search engine look for in a content to give it top ranking in search results.

These characteristics are as follows:

  1. An article must be informative.
  2. It should contain solution of problem.
  3. It should never be writing for writing.
  4. It must have back links from reputed resources
  5. It should be long enough to provide all the information
  6. Readers must find it helpful enough.

How to write SEO friendly content for website

How to Write SEO friendly article or SEO Optimized Articles in an effective way?

Always remember that to write SEO friendly articles, one must have a real topic. Writer should be clear to whom he is addressing, what information he is giving and whether information provided by him is correct or not.

Reader finds any content useful only when they think it to be interesting, helpful and something that so relates to them. Develop clarity about your target audience and make sure that you are writing stuff that actually your readers want to know about. If you want to be freelance writer, you may read these quick tips regarding outsourcing, Wish it will help you.

Guidelines about the structure of an SEO optimized article?

A writer should pay due consideration to the structure. It is not the matter of knowing how to write SEO friendly article, even if someone looks for how to write article, he should still pay attention to the structure.

Here are the key points that a writer should keep in mind in this regard.

  • Always become strict in evaluating the grammar, punctuation and other such things; Search engines strongly analyse content on such basis.
  • Avoid the use of heavy vocabulary.
  • Avoid too much use of passive voice.
  • Never use long, over running and complicated sentences

Avoid SEO techniques that can give a negative writing to your website:

If you seriously want to know How to write SEO friendly content for website then make sure you don’t use tricks that can make your website ranking to drop down on search engines. Usually writers write content loaded with keywords. Due to this they don’t pay much consideration on the actual matter and often deviate from the topic. Content with overuse of keywords, never gets boost in ranking rather, search engines penalize the respective website and give it negative ranking.

Do research about your article:

Before you convert your thoughts in writing, work to refine your ideas. Think about as many aspects of the same topic as you can and write them down. After this, do research, use different online and offline resources to add more points and relevant details about them. Refining an idea and then researching a lot about it helps you to write a well-structured and well-informed piece.

Before knowing how to write an article you must have to be a good reader as well. After completing your work go through it, read and then re-read it. Never hesitate to re-phrase the wrongly put words. Your goal should be not to settle for something less than perfection.

Always pay consideration to structure of article:

When you are looking how to write SEO optimised articles then never skip the instructions about structure of an article as a whole. Reason is that what makes your reader glued to some content is basically the extent to which it is well composed and coherent.

You can learn about how to write SEO content for website but your ultimate goal should be reader not the SEO. This is because optimization is a technical thing, a way to market content on the search engine. Producing something reader oriented is a key to get natural optimization.

If you want to learn how to write article in an effective way, then still your goal must be the end reader. Once you convince enough people that your writing style is amazing and things you talk about are quite interesting and relatable, they would subscribe instantly and become a regular visitor.

Evaluate your content on the basis of quality:

Finally, if you want someone to give the one word answer of how to write SEO friendly article or SEO optimized articles then it is Quality. Yes, just focus on producing high quality content. Bring about something new, not content but a solution.

Keep in mind that you are writing stuff for which users and what kind of things they really want to know about. After you are done with writing an article just evaluate it on the basis of quality and if it satisfies you enough then move ahead to publish it.

If you have any better guideline to write killer SEO friendly article or SEO friendly contents, please share your writing tips by commenting below the post. I am looking forward to hear from you.