Make money online is hot trend to millions of peoples in the world. The World today had become a small place, with the discovery of Internet, computers and phones communication had been made easier. However, the economies of even the greatest countries have continually been challenges with the sudden increases in the rates of unemployment.

Many people are unemployed. Even the ones that are employed, they are still not assured of their jobs. This is because of the above reasons and some others that the public had to decide on seeking other sources of income because life has to continue and something has to be done. One of the ways that many people in Bangladesh have started embracing and are making some good incomes at the comfort of their houses is working online.

Make money online has become a second choice of preference to even those that are on a monthly payroll. This is due to the insufficient funds that are paid to them as their basic salaries and so there is a need to source out some extra ways of making extra money.

Requirements for you to be able to make money online in Bangladesh:

make money online in BangladeshTo make money online there are some important requirements. In Bangladesh today individuals who own computers/laptops can now access a working Internet, which is all that is required to get started.

Yes, a laptop and Internet, with your computer/laptop  you can do most of the tasks which includes, typing, writing, filling some data, and with a working  Internet you can post your work to the relevant source and get paid for a job well-done.

Sometimes you will need a writing pad and a pen which isn’t much of a headache as most people in Bangladesh can afford it.

Things to consider before you start make money online journey in Bangladesh.

So many people have put in a lot of money and time on Internet jobs and they have come back empty, and even much worse that they were before trying the jobs. This is because there are fake people that would use your desperation and need for quick money and swindle you out which is sometimes usually a lot of money. Here are some things to look out for;

1. Getting rich schemes:

These schemes allow only one person to get rich quickly and it is the schemer. Any site that tends to promise any unreasonable wealth and large amounts of money for very little tasks is one of the red flags that you ought to watch for. So be careful, anybody offering you a get rich quick scheme should be a call for you to thoroughly scrutinize it before you jump go for it.

2. Too good to be true offers:

If your desperation and the desire to become a millionaire overnight, you have to be careful and thoughtful before someone takes advantage of you. Remember many people have fallen into wrong hands because of their high expectations at early stages and they quickly put in with them only to regret later on, after wasting precious time and energy.

Please note that these fake people are very smart and they can confuse even the most brilliant person in Bangladesh, so again you have to be careful, any deal that is just too good to be true, I would advise you to not waste your valuable time.

3. Requesting for cash:

Scammers will trick people into paying for unnecessary deals e.g. to register for a certain website or program, to buy a fake training packages which includes a book or even to simple get a job. Please be aware, we never have to pay in order for us to get a job, did you pay for your job?

Legitimate ways to make money in Bangladesh.

It is possible to work online and still earn money online legitimately without any scammer’s schemes. I mean nobody will ask you to pay for anything and even if you do it is maybe for creating a website which is usually in most cases a reasonable amount. Some of these ways can be divided into a few broad categories such as;

1. Freelancing as a way of Make Money Online while at Home.

make money onlineA freelance is basically is basically someone that is hired to do jobs or is self-employed for a particular company on different assignments some of which include writing articles, reviewing articles ,filling data and many others.

You can start your business with just a computer/laptop and a good Internet connection and then giving your time and energy to make something good out of them. The good thing about freelancing in Bangladesh is that one can start with no capital.

You do not need any capital to start and you also become your own boss, you are able to work at any time you place at the comfort of your home. This will ensure that your articles are grammatically correct, free of mistakes, errors and are easy to read and understand.

Some other jobs that do not really involve any writing for example, photoshop, developing some website and entering some data might still need you to be well grounded in your English language because you will have to communicate with your clients or buyers, so once again English is very paramount in freelancing.

There are some Quick tips about online outsourcing in Bangladesh. These effective tips can help you a lot to be success in freelancing. So, follow these tips and tricks very carefully.

The good thing is that make money online with freelancing doesn’t require you to be informed or have any past knowledge on the product or topic that you are writing own, you could easily use the Internet to look for it, study about it then go ahead and write an educative article, a process referred to as researching. Some examples of freelancing sites include Upwork, script lance, among many others.

2. Make Money Online in Bangladesh via blogging.

What you need to be able to start blogging is to basically own a blog and it is absolutely free to create one. Some of the sites that allow one to create free blogs include, and some others. You can earn money online with your blog when someone puts an ad and a customer sees it and clicks on it. So you become like an advertiser for a third party and you get paid for every click that is made to the ads posted on your blog.

3. Make Money Online via a website.

You can also be an intermediary and be able to advertise some products or services for your employer via your website to the public. So whoever sees the product on your page and likes it can buy it or click in it and will be directed to the owner’s site where they can make their purchase. You get paid for every successful payment that you are able to make.

4. Make Money Online by becoming and affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is another best way to make money online in Bangladesh. Many people in Bangladesh are now working as affiliate markers for many programs and are able to promote certain products using a special link that has their names or identity cooperated in them. is a good example of an affiliate program where you can register and they will give you a link of every product that you want to promote. You can then post this link to your Facebook page or any other social site where you can get much traffic and you get paid for every sale you are able to make.

5. Make Money Online with Google Adsense in Bangladesh

make money from google adsense

It says that Google Adsense is the king maker. If you have a blog or website, there is huge opportunity to make money online in Bangladesh by publishing Google Adsense ads on your site. There is thousands of blog/website owners, earning money from Google Adsense by publishing ads on their sites in Bangladesh.

Their earning amount from Google Adsense is also very high; it is possible to earn $ 200 to $50,000 USD per month from a blog or website by publishing ads on a site. So, try to realize, what Google Adsense is for a Blogger or Website owner? There are some secret tips and guidelines to increase Adsense revenue.

All the above ways of make money online from home in Bangladesh is already implementing with hundreds of peoples in Bangladesh, then WHY NOT YOU?



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