Are you looking for the effective quick tips about Outsourcing in Bangladesh? If you are involved with online outsourcing or interested to build up your career in this area than the answer should be YES, Right?

Science and technology makes our life from easier to easiest. Now-a-days online outsourcing is very popular way of earning money from online all over the world. In our country like Bangladesh its popularity is increasing day by day.

quick tips about outsourcing in Bangladesh

Lots of new people are joining in this area every day. So, here are some quick tips about online outsourcing for those people, who want to be a freelancer and build up career in online outsourcing. Do you want to join this online outsourcing area? If your answer is YES, then definitely these effective freelancing tips are for you.

Quick Tips About Outsourcing in Bangladesh for Beginners:

Now I am describing 15 quick outsourcing tips step by step. These tips will help you to get success in the online outsourcing profession. You can easily manage your outsourcing project and communication system.

So, if you determined to start your career and want to be success in your freelancing profession you must follow these effective guidelines about online outsourcing.

Here are the 15 quick tips about Outsourcing in Bangladesh to be success in outsourcing:

1# Strong willing power for making career as a freelancer:

First you have to decide that, you really want to take Online Outsourcing/Freelancing as your career. If you had just eagerness to know about outsourcing then sorry it’s not for you. You must have enough passion and strong willing power to make your career in online outsourcing as a freelancer.

2# Choose the suitable and comfortable topic:

You have to choose the right topic. There are lots of topics in the online outsourcing area. Such as data entry, article writing, web design and development, graphic design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and many more. But you have to select which one is suitable for you .Namely which topic is easy for you to understand and you feel comfortable to do it.

3# Need to Learn From skilled profession or Online:

After set your goal and choose the suitable topic, you have to learn your desired work from skilled professionals. You may learn from Online. There are lots of Tutorials in YouTube, Blog and Forum sites.
Generally, learning from Online may take more time than direct teaching from skilled professionals. A professional can show you the right ways of outsourcing in Bangladesh. For this reason you may take some training courses from any outsourcing training institute in Bangladesh.

Now there are lots of freelancing training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you live in Dhaka then I will suggest you to take training courses from any institute which is near you in Dhaka. Advance IT BD is one of the best Outsourcing training institute located in Dhaka. You can take our Advance Outsourcing Training without any hesitation to be success in your freelancing profession.

From this training center anyone can take training like housewife, students, unemployed persons and job holder. The Training schedule is very comfortable to anyone because of its time schedule and the skilled trainer. Our trainer is highly skilled and friendly to make anything easy to understand for you.

4# Have to Practice and Gather Knowledge from Various Sources

In the time of learning outsourcing you have to practice it with your best effort .There is proverb, “Practice makes a man perfect”. The more you practice, the more you know. By the regular practice, you will be able to know the problem and can be clear about your task.

If you want to be successful freelancer you have to dedicated, work hard and give much time at your practice. For spread out your knowledge you can take help from the internet and skilled freelancer. There are lots of website, articles, video tutorial which will help you to know more and solve your problems.

If you took any training regarding in the matter, you may contact with your trainer to get tips about outsourcing in Bangladesh to be successful in outsourcing. You can know important information about outsourcing in Bangladesh from your trainer also.

5# Discuss with experienced people

You can also discuss about outsourcing with your nearby and known experienced people, who have proper skills in freelancing. By discussing with them you can know their experience and they can also give you some quick tricks and tips about outsourcing in Bangladesh. From them you can also know about advantages and disadvantages of freelancing.

You may also discuss with skilled people at online through some popular forum like warrior forum, Forum Digital Point, Quora (Q&A site) etc.

effective tips about outsourcing in Bangladesh

6# Choose One Popular Website (Online Marketplace) for Work:

When you think you are perfect for outsourcing then join. In Bangladesh the best freelancer outsourcing platforms are- Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Guru, 99Designs, Amazon Mechanical Turk and many more sites. At first time choose one site and then it will be easy for you to manage.

As Bangladesh perspective Upwork is best marketplace for Payments. Because it has great payment method for Bangladeshi Freelancers.

7# Give Perfect Information in Your Profile:

After become a member of any popular outsourcing marketplace, add few portfolios in your profile. In order to prove that you have completed these kind works before, there is no alternative of portfolio. Your attractive portfolio will impress the buyer to hire you and it also express that you are experienced with these kinds of works.

Statistics show that, proper portfolio and Excellent Cover letter increase the possibility more than 80% to be hired by clients. So, please add your portfolio properly.

8# Write relevant and unique cover letter:

Another important tips about outsourcing in Bangladesh is attractive unique cover letter. When you bid for a job your cover letter must be unique and attractive. Please don’t copy from others and form online. Try to prove your smartness and be clear exactly you are the right person for the work. You may learn How to write a killer Cover letter for online outsourcing job.

9# Think Before Applying to any Job:

Think twice before applying to any job. Remember bid only those job which you can do. If you think that you have lake of skills for the job never apply to this one. There are lots of works which may be fit for you. So, take your time to read the full job description (JD) before apply to any job.

Don’t give your contact information into your cover letter, like email, phone number or Skype etc. Be clear with buyer about all the things that related with your work. If you need, ask question to your buyer to be clear about everything.

10# Improve your Communication:

Communication is the most important and hidden secrete of success in online outsourcing and freelancing career. Try to communicate with your clients as soon as possible if he/she needed. If your buyer sent any mail/message to you, try to response it within 2 to 6 hours. This response rate is recorded by all most every marketplace and this will help you get more potential clients.

11# Do your Work efficiently:

When you get any work you have to do it efficiently. Do it with your best effort. Remember you will be appreciated in outsourcing marketplace by your work, not by your own identity. Every buyer wants to hire better one, so try to prove yourself in the best way. Your good feedback which will provided by your clients will help you in future to get better job.

12# Don’t Work Long time if you feel uncomfortable:

If you feel uncomforted, please don’t work long time in one seating. If you feel worst, take a break. You can do some recreational activities, like listening songs, watching some funny videos or movies to be fresh. Beside this, you may take a cup of Black tea or Coffee to be fresh.

Sometimes people work whole day or night to make more money from online outsourcing. But working long time decrease the productivity. It will affect your career in long run.

Make your workplace comfortable with good environment to concentrate in your work. The main principle of outsourcing is to Love your Work from the core of your heart.

13# Be Honest to your Client:

There is a proverb “Honesty is the best Policy”. Be honest to your clients about your skills, experienced and working time. Never try to waste time and money of your freelancing buyers.

If you think that, any task is hard to you or you are unable to complete, inform it to your employers. This statement will add value to you from your client. Your buyer will known you as honest freelancer.

14# Maintain Project Deadline:

Maintaining Project Deadline is another important tips about outsourcing in Bangladesh. To be success in online outsourcing, you must maintain your project deadline. Keep in mind that, time is valuable to your and your buyer. So, never try to kill time of your clients.

You must complete your project in client’s desired time. If you feel that more time you need to complete the project, inform your client with politely. Inform your problem for which you are unable to complete the project in time.

15# Ensure the Payment Method:

You are working in online outsourcing marketplace for money right? So, before applying to any job, ensure the employers Payment Method. His/her payment method verified of not. If the payment methods verified then, you may apply to the project. If the payment method not verified, then ask yourself, how he/she will pay you? You will get your answer.

After complete your project perfectly, you can expect the payment. You have to know about the payment method about outsourcing in Bangladesh of the marketplace. There are many payment methods in Bangladesh to get outsourcing money.

Most popular payment methods in Bangladesh are: Bank Wire Transfer, Moneybookers/Skrill, Neteller, Payoneer Master Card, Payza etc. and you must have an account in any online bank of Bangladesh for Bank Wire Transfer.


If you follow these 15 quick tips about outsourcing in Bangladesh, wish you will be able to boost your online outsourcing career easily with very short time. These tips can be excellent principle and best guideline about outsourcing for Beginners.

Please remember One thing, don’t focus on money first time, focus on your work. If you do your work efficiently, then money will come to you easily.

This is all, what I am thinking for the beginners’ tips about outsourcing in Bangladesh. Hope these tips will help you out to become a successful freelancer in Bangladesh.

If you have any more effective online outsourcing tips and tricks, you are welcome to share them by commenting below in the post.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Author: Sharmin Laila

Freelance Writer at Upwork